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Our tea's are just as good hot as they are on ice. The Ice Tea Spot is introducing 32 exotic blends of real loose leaf tea. We have tea, herb, and fruit blends for your enjoyment that are all natural. These blends will excite your taste buds. Our tea blends all have loose leaf tea that you will be able to brew or infuse at home or at your office. Just as you have been with the other teas you've been using. We are introducing real tea to you and your family. We have all the proper natural healthy blends that are both nutritious and good for your Health!

32 different flavors

we have 8 sweet teas(black tea) which most ice tea lovers will be familiar with. We have 8 premium teas, that we know you will enjoy and for the health oriented tea lovers we have 8 different organic teas! We also carry 8 tropical blends of tea 


Ice Tea Spot will offer a full range of ready to drink iced teas as well as specialty loose leaf teas for taking home or giving as gift. Ice Tea Spot is the name of our company and spot represents our 32 different exotic blends of tea.

Which one are you, a hot
 tea lover or an iced tea lover


Ice Tea Spot has two Models if you are interested in starting up your own Iced Tea Spot beverage business. We carry all your startup tools you'll need to get going. We have Ice Tea Spot concession stands that can be used locally and abroad.

ice tea mix
Sweet Teas

  • Buhkial

  • Deluxe

  • Earl Grey

  • The Shawlands

  • Indulge

  • Kandy

  • Keemun

  • Hatimara 

Premium Tea
Premium Teas
  • Perfect Cherry

  • Snowlicious

  • Peach Cranberry

  • Hawaiian Blossom

  • Mango

  • Strawberry Kiwi

  • Persian Spice Bazaar

  • Herb for Women

Organic Tea
ORganic Teas
  • Perfect Body

  • Tulsa Apple Pear

  • Green Fog Tea

  • Organic Jasmine

  • Green Sencha

  • Malty Tea

  • Cold Chased

  • Rooiibos Orange

Tropical Tea
Tropical Teas
  • Tropical Sunrise

  • Party in the Jungle

  • Peaches and Flowers

  • Pina Colada

  • Raspberry

  • Orange Spice

  • Snowflake

  • Very Berry


We carry blends of teas from the four tea families: black ,green, white, oolong. We also use various different blends of herbs and fruit blends.


What our customers have to say

I like loose leave tea as it is a healthy choice for you because it is not processed.

Dolly L.

Out of the 32 exotic blends I really like the Peach Tea

Brian H.

I like loose leave tea as it is a halthy choice for you because it is not processed.

Bill S.


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